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Transform Your Teeth and Boost Your Confidence with Veneers in Greensboro, NC


Transform Your Teeth and Boost Your Confidence with Veneers in Greensboro, NC

When it comes to first impressions (or impressions at all to be honest), an overlooked important feature is the appearance of your teeth. You might hear about people getting brow lifts, rhinoplasties, etc., but people often base much of their first impressions on various aspects of your teeth. 

Beyond what others may think about you, it could be that you do not like how your teeth look. They could be physiologically alright, but you might think they could be aesthetically better. In either case, if questions about the appearance of your teeth have cropped up in your head, you have probably wondered about veneers. What are veneers? Do veneers hurt? Does insurance cover veneers? Can you even get veneers anywhere in Greensboro, North Carolina? 

Well, since you are wondering, let’s talk about veneers! 


What are Veneers? How do Veneers work? 

Veneers are a common procedure performed in what professionals refer to ask cosmetic dentistry. In recent years, many dentists have started to offer more cosmetic treatments for their patients, and it makes a lot of sense. Consider this. A heart doctor only really needs to worry about the proper functioning of their patients’ hearts since they are not perceived in any way by others. All that matters is that the heart works well. A dentist on the other hand is working with a part of the body that is highly visible. In other words, teeth are subject to measures of physiology (do they work right?) and aesthetic measures (how do they look?). That’s why cosmetic dentistry has become popular. 

How exactly do veneers work? Veneers are thin pieces of material that are bonded permanently to your existing teeth. The basic idea is that they cover up your teeth’s imperfections and leave you with a smile that you can be proud of. Veneers are usually made of porcelain or composite material. And you’re probably wondering: Do veneers look natural? Yes! They mimic teeth really well in shape and size and are stain resistant. The best part is that they can be installed in a single day (after preparation appointments) which cannot be said for other dental solutions. 

If you only have a couple of teeth you wish to cover, that is also perfectly fine. Veneers can be customized for your mouth so they can cover one, two, or all of your teeth. Veneers do not replace your teeth like an implant; they use your existing teeth as a base. It’s like remodeling a home instead of demolishing the old one and building a new one. 


Should I get veneers? 

People often wonder: Am I a good candidate for veneers? The short answer is likely yes. The most important prerequisite to obtaining veneers is good tooth health. Let’s consider the house example again. You might have a house that is structurally great. You could live in it as it is for the rest of your life. However, you might want to remodel the outside to improve the look: paint the deck, replace the shutters, and maybe put in that striking red door you have been thinking about. So think of veneers in the same way: you will need to have good dental health first before you can “remodel” your teeth. 

A common question about the procedure is: Will veneers fix crooked teeth? No, they will not. Veneers are cosmetic. They might hide slightly crooked teeth, which could be the solution you are looking for. However, if your teeth are more than slightly crooked, you may have to go with another option. 

Other than this, a good candidate for veneers will be the person that wants a more permanent solution to cosmetic concerns. If you are asking yourself: How long will veneers last? A long time, depending on the material. Whereas tooth whitening is fairly frequent, veneers can last anywhere from 4 years (if they are composite material) to 12 years (if they are porcelain). So as you can see, veneers could be the solution that you have been looking for. 


What is the process of getting veneers? 

So you have decided that you are a good candidate for veneers and you are wondering: What is the process of getting veneers like? 

Like most cosmetic dental procedures, one of the most important components is consultation. A good dentist will make the process feel as personalized as possible since everyone’s teeth are different! The dental professional will walk you through the process, help you choose the proper veneer type, and take molds of your teeth if that is required. After this point, you will have to wait for your custom veneers to be sent to the office from the lab. At this appointment, your dentist might also shave your teeth some to get the proper sizing for your eventual veneers. 

Depending on the reason for choosing veneers, there are some types to be aware of. Traditional veneers need to be applied to a tooth that has been prepared. Dental professionals will shave down a thin layer of the tooth to properly adhere to the veneer cover. After hearing about the shaving process you might be thinking: Are veneers painful? The answer depends on your tolerance. This process can cause some pain or discomfort so it is generally performed under general anesthesia. The other type is what is called no-prep veneers. These require less (or no) shaving and mainly attach to the tooth enamel. No-prep veneers usually are placed without any pain relief medication because they require minimal change to your natural tooth. 

Will insurance cover veneers? So, as with most cosmetic dental procedures, veneers are usually not covered by insurance. With that said, if cost is a concern for you, most dental offices have financing plans to help you get the procedures that will help you reach your goals! 


Veneers in Greensboro at Devaney Dentistry

Veneers are a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves adding shell-like material to your existing teeth to improve their aesthetic quality. Good candidates for this procedure will already have good tooth health and will want to improve the appearance of their teeth. The process is very easy and personalized so that you know exactly what you are getting before it happens. And, it does not usually hurt (beyond soreness), especially with some type of anesthesia.  

So, is there a place to get Veneers in Greensboro, NC? Yes! Devaney Dentistry is the perfect place. Beyond regular dentistry, Devaney specializes in many cosmetic procedures to help you achieve your dental goals! 

We have the expertise to help with covering just a few teeth with veneers to our One Day Smile process that transforms your smile with veneers in a single day! Devaney dental offers free video consultations to help you start on your cosmetic dental journey. 

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