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Welcome to our State-of-the-Art Surgical Suite!

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Air Abrasion: This is a less invasive tooth-prepping method used with early cavity detection. No anesthetic is required with air abrasion. We also use this to prepare the tooth before a sealant may be placed. http://danvillematerials.com/

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Electric Handpiece: The electric handpiece is much faster, and smoother, than an air-driven handpiece…which makes fixing teeth quicker and quieter! http://www.nskdental.com/

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NOMAD Hand-Held Digital Radiography: This hand-held device exposes radiographs quicker than our traditional digital radiographs, therefore, exposing the patient to less radiation. http://www.aribex.com/

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Piezosurgery: This unit provides micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries with maximum surgical precision by using ultrasonic microvibrations. This unit is used with sinus lift procedures, implant preparation, periodontal surgeries and much more. An advantage to using this unit is minimal swelling and post-op discomfort for the patient! https://dental.piezosurgery.us/

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IV Sedation: Dr. DeVaney is one of the very few dentists in the triad area that is licensed to do IV sedation. IV sedation is so much more efficient, and safer, that other “sedation” techniques.

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CO2 Capnography: This machine shows how much CO2 is present at each phase of the respiratory cycle and measures and displays respiratory rate. This machine effectively allows Dr. DeVaney to monitor our patients while under IV sedation. https://www.mortara.com/

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Trios Digital Scanner: Our Trios scanner is how we now take impressions on everything from crowns, veneers and bridges to nightguards! No more horrible-tasting impressions that make you gag! This is the best scanner available today. http://www.3shape.com/products/trios/intraoral-scanners

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E4D Digital Scanner: This digital scanner is wirelessly connected to our in-house E4D (CAD/CAM) milling unit. This technology allows us to scan the tooth preparation and mill your crown in our office, today! https://e4d.com/

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Platelet Rich Fibrin Centrifuge (PRF): This device allows Dr. DeVaney to use your own blood to create a fibrin layer rich in growth factors to promote healing, and reduce infection! The same technology used to heal professional athletes. https://www.intra-lock.com/intraspin.html

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Implantmed Implant Drill: This is used when placing a dental implant. Special care must be taken during implant preparation to prevent overheating and promote osseointegration (fusion of bone and implant). The expertise of Dr. DeVaney along with continuous flushing the site with sterile saline solution prevents this. http://www.wh.com/

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Dental Cone Beam CT Scan: We have the technology in office to allow us to take a 3-dimensional Cone Beam image of your head/neck. This is particularly vital when placing an implant, and convenience to do in our office.

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