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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Greensboro and Oak Ridge

Why opt for Sedation Dentistry?

IV and oral conscious sedation can help patients relax and ease the anxiety associated with dental appointments in a safe and controlled environment. Those with dental anxiety can have all dental needs addressed in one visit, with NO MEMORY of the appointment afterwards! If you know that you have a bad gag reflex, sedation dentistry can be helpful in calming gagging triggers. Or, if you need to have more than one procedure performed in a single visit, sedation dentistry allows Dr. DeVaney to accomplish more work in a shorter time period.

Why IV Sedation is better than Oral Sedation?

Why do IV sedation when you can take a pill instead? When our office opened, our practice did oral sedation exclusively. Several years ago, we switched to IV sedation and will never go back! Why?

  • IV sedation works every time! Oral sedation is inconsistent and unpredictable.
  • IV sedation works immediately! Oral sedation takes 20-40 minutes to reach clinical effect.
  • IV sedation works profoundly because you titrate to effect…meaning we adjust the balance of the medication dosage as needed. You can’t do that with oral sedation.
  • And finally, IV sedation controls high anxiety and fear of dental pain better than oral sedation!

Why choose DeVaney Dentistry?

Convenient to anywhere in the Triad, Dr. Matt DeVaney offers everything from oral to IV sedation. Years of treatments and hundreds of hours in training courses have made Dr. DeVaney a leader in IV Sedation Dentistry in the Triad.


Sedation dentistry is a safe choice that:

  • Allows multiple procedures to be done in one visit, with no memory of the appointment!
  • Safely allows the patient to have dental work without the pain and anxiety.
  • Gives you back your smile and the function of your teeth!
  • IV Sedation can also be performed with smaller procedures as well.

IV Sedation is a safe dental practice and has few side effects associated with its use.

Dr. DeVaney is attentive to all of his patients during sedation. Whether you need a root canal, dental implant surgery, a tooth extraction, a deep periodontal cleaning, or other procedures, Dr. DeVaney can perform under one roof. With sedation dentistry, you may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of work that can be done in a single appointment.

Sedation dentistry in Greensboro, NC can ease your anxiety.

Anxiolysis is the administering of a single dose pill that has several agents that calm mild anxiety leading up to a during a dental procedure. This can be very effective for shorter appointments with patients that have mild anxiety.

Oral conscious sedation involves taking an oral dose of medicine before the appointment. There are no needles involved whatsoever, making oral sedation an alternative for patients who are fearful of injections. The medication does not cause sleep; it causes an amnesiac reaction and many patients cannot recall the details of the procedure they had performed.

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