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In and Out With a New, Comfortable, Same Day Crown

DeVaney Dentistry has the capacity to offer patients same-day dental crowns in the Greensboro area. This state-of-the-art, one-day procedure is fast and effective! Same day crowns also eliminate multiple trips to our office, temporary crown placement, and discomfort.

All of DeVaney Dentistry’s crowns and bridges have a 10-year warranty! See details here.

Please take a few moments to learn more about this new technique below. We have everything needed to treat you at our facility. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

How Your Same Day Crown is Achieved

  • First, your tooth is prepared for restoration, which involves removing the decayed tissue and removing any old filling/crown material
  • We then use digital imaging technology to take an optical impression of your tooth
  • This image is then turned into a 3D model for restoration
  • This blueprint is then precisely computer milled from a ceramic block that is color matched to your existing teeth
  • Once your dentist checks the crown for fit, size and comfort, it is polished and permanently bonded to your tooth

Same Day Crowns Are an Excellent Solution for Convenience and Confidence

  • Reduced visits to our office give you more time to enjoy your life
  • Well-fitted, comfortable crowns
  • Simple, painless procedure
  • Extremely accurate technology that produces long-lasting, beautiful results