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Is It Really Possible to Get a New Smile in a Day?

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Is It Really Possible to Get a New Smile in a Day?

The short answer is: yes! And Devaney Dentistry, we specialize in what is called a One Day Smile. 

If you have many teeth that bother you aesthetically or are in need of removal for reasons like decay or structural damage, our One Day Smile treatment that includes dental implantation may be just what you are looking for!

So let’s talk about the specifics of the procedure (spoiler: yes, it really takes just a day!).


Is One Day Smile the best treatment for you?

It could be! We have helped so many people get their life and confidence back with this quick and extremely personalized approach to dental implantation. The treatment is meant for people who have multiple problem teeth that prevent them from feeling confident or prevent them from more serious things such as eating, drinking, etc.

One Day Smile procedures are meant to provide both medical and cosmetic relief for our patients. If you are already seriously considering implants as a treatment plan for multiple failing teeth, One Day Smile might be just what you are looking for! 


What steps are taken for a One Day Smile treatment? 

The first thing to note here is that One Day Smile is a very personalized approach to solving problems with a patient’s smile. We have performed many implant procedures and no two of them have been the same. We take pride in being able to meet the patient where they are to create a plan that suits their needs and goals for dental restoration.

A One Day Smile plan starts with a consultation. In this visit, you will speak with a dental professional and they will assess your teeth to prepare for any extractions and implants to come later. This is the first step to making the plan truly yours. 

Then on the day of the procedure, teeth will be removed, and your custom implants will be anchored in place. Crowns will be placed and your teeth will look like they have always been there. 

The crowns serve a few purposes. One is cosmetic. The crown is what you will see in the mirror and what others will see when they look at you. It is the part of the tooth that we see in our mind when we think of the word “tooth.” The other purpose is practical. These crowns are what make contact with the food you will be eating and the drink you will be drinking. They will interface with all of the things you consume. Crowns will do the chomping, eating, biting, and chewing. So, as you can tell, they are really important.

The recovery time will take a few months and your dentist will make sure that you have all the tips required to make your One Day Smile a success! Properly cared for implants will last a lifetime! 


Will the One Day Smile Cause any sensitivity issues? 

The answer is sometimes, but it is more complicated than that. Since dental implants remove all remnants of the former tooth as well as some of the bone around it, there are no remaining nerves. This means that any sensitivity that you feel is not coming from the implant itself.

One reason for the sensitivity is that you may have an issue with an adjacent tooth and the pain is not as localized. This tooth might be losing enamel, it might be decaying, or something else entirely could be to blame. 

The other potential reason for the sensitivity is that the implant might be failing for some reason. This is a risk to watch out for. If the sensitivity is accompanied by a loose feeling in the implant, swelling, or redness, the implant may be failing. 

Either way, you should consult your dentist as soon as you can if you have any doubts about the healing of your implants. Early detection of problems can make all the difference. 

Here at Devaney Dentistry, we make every effort to make each patient feel like they are worthy of a good smile and we make sure that they are included in the entire process. We have years of experience and if you are interested in getting a One Day Smile treatment, get in touch today! 

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