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Are you accepting new patients?

Absolutely!  We are accepting new patients at both our Oak Ridge and Brassfield locations.

Is this procedure going to hurt?

We have different anesthetic methods to ensure your visit is pain-free. 

Are you in network with my dental insurance?

In our Oak Ridge office, we are not a participating provider with any insurance policies, although we can file for most insurance policies.  Our Brassfield office is considered in-network with Delta Dental.

Aren't my cleanings "free" with my insurance?

Most dental insurance policies pay 100% on preventive and diagnostic services of what they consider “usual and customary” charges.  Your employer has gotten together with the insurance company to create a fee schedule on which they base these “usual and customary” charges.  If your employer selects a lower fee schedule, the reimbursement from the insurance will be lower and the balance will be your responsibility.  Our fees are directly in line with other dental offices in the area. 

Can my tooth be saved?

Our goal is to always save teeth!  Sometimes if a tooth is too badly decayed, fractured down the root or broken below the gumline, we have no option but to remove the tooth.  When treatment is discussed, this is why we discourage putting it off, so that the tooth is in the best optimal condition to do the proposed treatment and save the tooth.

What type of electric toothbrush should I use?

There are so many electric toothbrushes on the market, it’s impossible to know the pros and cons of each one.  Any electric toothbrush is generally better than a manual brush because the RPM’s with electric brushes create so much more movement that you could get with a manual brush.  The key point to remember with an electric toothbrush is to use light pressure and let the brush do the work for you! 

Is it better to use flossers or a piece of floss?

Using a piece of floss or flossers are both beneficial as your toothbrush bristles can’t reach directly between your teeth where floss would.  As long as you are adapting the floss to the tooth, either method is acceptable.

What would you recommend for teeth whitening?

There are several whitening options available in today’s market.  We offer three different levels of tooth whitening in our office.  The lowest option is whitening strips.  These are similar to WhiteStrips, but stronger.  Our middle option is custom-made bleaching trays.  These are a great option because not only can you control the frequency and duration of your whitening, but it also allows youto have the trays and any future expense is just the whitening gel.  The highest option is our in-office whitening.  With the in-office whitening, this is the quickest option and your teeth may be shades lighter when you leave.  With our in-office whitening, we also make custom trays for upkeep!

Do you offer financing?

We have a few financing options available depending upon your treatment plan and needs.  Our scheduling coordinators are experts at getting treatment done at an affordable payment.

Why can't I get a regular cleaning?

Some people are predisposed to periodontal (gum) disease.  In those instances, a “regular cleaning” isn’t what is needed.  The definition of a healthy mouth cleaning is removing debris and polishing above the gumline.  Those with active gum disease have areas just below the gumline that need to be cleaned as well, therefore a more extensive cleaning is required.

How long do I have before I have to do the treatment?

Unfortunately dentist’s don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict when something may break, fail, or become bothersome.  It’s always best to do treatment as soon as you’re able to, when the tooth has an active problem, such as tooth decay (cavity), or if it’s broken or fractured.  Procrastinating will only lead to the condition worsening, and can result in the tooth breaking or becoming painful.

What age do I bring my kids to the dentist?

We recommend bringing your children with you to the dentist around age 3.  The most frightening part for a small child is usually the unfamiliarity.  By having them come with you, they can hear the sounds and see what goes on, and see that everything is ok!  Then we would have them come back for their cleaning.

Is the fluoride beneficial?

Fluoride is extremely beneficial for all ages.  Fluoride remineralizes the outermost layer of enamel, so it not only helps protect against cavities, but it also helps to desensitize. We encourage all patients to have a fluoride treatment at their cleaning appointments especially: children, patients at high risk for tooth decay, patients with lots of existing dental work, poor oral hygiene, those with gum recession, and anyone with sensitivities.

Do you take Medicaid?

Unfortunately our office is not set up to file Medicaid.

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The Testimonials

Meet Our Happy Clients

We love our patients, and they love us! See what our patients say about our office.

Lisa R

From my first phone conversation to set up a "new patient with a sore tooth" appointment, I felt like I would get the care I needed. Everyone was friendly and went above and beyond to ensure I felt at ease at the office. I was greeted pleasantly as I walked in the main door and got checked in quickly. I waited less than 10 minutes and was escorted to the exam room. The answers I gave to questions were taken seriously and tests were explained and never forced. I always felt like I was being heard and in control of what did or did not get done. There were so many personal and comforting details done excellently and Dr. DeVaney listened carefully and spoke to all my concerns. My overall first impression was outstanding!

Gates Thorndike

This was like walking into a room full of angels. I was experiencing the worst toothache of my life. From the moment I entered, even before I got into the chair, I started feeling better. I could tell that these people cared. From Tina and Susan at the front desk, the extraordinary assistant Cady, to Dr. Vines, I received the most comprehensive care imaginable. I was up and out of there in minutes feeling completely cured and deeply grateful. What a great group of people.

Todd & Julie Knight

Our son broke a back molar one evening at a basketball game and we were in the middle of transitioning from a pediatric dentist to finding an "adult" dentist for him. Vickie at the front desk made this happen very quickly and got him in less than 2 days!! The staff at DeVaney were very personable and professional all in one!! We were very pleased with the care our son received!!

Chris Holcomb

Had to go for an emergency extraction a few months ago. I was seen within a couple hours of calling and went in with hardly any wait time. In and out in no time. Overall great experience.

Kimberly Steinke

I visited DeVaney Dentistry as a new patient this afternoon. All of the staff were wonderful starting from when I went to the wrong location to once I finally arrived and met with the hygienist, Maria. She was super in everything she did as she welcomed me, went through my history, completed X-rays and an exam, and talked me through the next steps for treatment. I appreciated the special care and attention she took to make sure I understood everything she was saying and eased any anxiety I may have experienced. The doctor was equally professional and talked me through everything he did as well. Shasta explained everything with my insurance and next appointment as I was checking out. As a new patient and new in the area, finding new doctors and dentists can be a challenge. I am thrilled to find a dentist office and staff who made me feel so welcome and at ease from the very start!

Bobbi Grabe

Devaney Dentistry at Oak Ridge is truly a fantastic practice. I hadn't been to a dentist in years and had a plethora of anxiety about going. I needed an extraction and was extremely nervous, as soon as I walked in I was greeted by Susan and Tina at the front desk, who made me feel welcome and calm. Not even 5 minutes of waiting and Brooke brought me into a room and made me feel comfortable, Dr. Vines explained what he was doing the whole time. Thank you and I will be recommending Devaney Dentistry to anyone and everyone who will listen. Amazing staff.

Billy Rich

From the first call to Dr. DeVaney's office, Susan was very understanding and compassionate. I was anxious upon arriving for my appointment but Cady instantly put me at ease. I wish I had found them sooner but I am very glad I am a patient now. Give them a call, you won't regret it.

Kelley McCoy

I have never had a dental visit like this. They go above and beyond to put you at ease and explain everything. As a nurse, I appreciate their attention to detail, education and making sure I understood my treatment plan. Susan at the front desk is so friendly and makes me smile! My hygienist Kelly, was superb at explaining everything and telling me ways to better take care of my teeth. And Dr. Devaney! He was genuinely engaged in the one on one visit and did not seem rushed at all. He focused on my needs and made sure that I understood everything well. He thanked me twice for coming in. You just don't find customer service like this anymore.

Tristan Burd

This office has such a warm and welcoming presence. Shasta and Susan were very accommodating. They were very efficient in transitioning my entire family to this practice. Kelly was thorough but gentle with her cleaning and exam. Would recommend!

David Shobe

Courteous, friendly, and efficient. The staff at DeVaney Dentistry are all excellent. From routine cleaning to more involved procedures, the patient’s needs and concerns are always their top priority. Special recognition to Brooke Moore for her friendliness and professionalism.

Linsey Brown

I am so happy that I made the switch to DeVaney Dentistry! EVERYONE was so welcoming on my first visit. It was a great experience from the entire staff. Highly recommend this group if you are looking for a new dentist 🙂

Cheryl Harward-Belue

Friendliest staff I have ever encountered in a dental office. From Shasta who always remembers everyone and always has a very bright disposition to my favorite hygienist. I highly recommend this practice!

Jon Smith

The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. I’ve been going to them for complicated operations and I thank them for keeping up with all the work and pressing me to clean and keep my teeth healthy. Every visit is like visiting friends. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks Cady and Michelle for the great cleaning that you give me which I have to add was the most relaxing clean compared to other practices I’ve been to!

Nicole Saleeby

DeVaney Dentistry has made me feel comfortable with going to the dentist, something I've not felt in the past. Everyone is caring, nice and makes you feel very comfortable and cared for personally.

Lisa Hunsucker

Dr Devaney and his staff have blessed me for many years with excellent skill, work ethic and care. However, I am most impressed by Dr. Devaney’s integrity. He always chooses the best treatment plan for his patients. Today I was scheduled for two crowns but he saw that only one was needed. Our world is better when people care more about others than the profitability of their business.

Stacey Johnson

Being able to have multiple procedures done in one visit under sedation is very important for me. Dr. DeVaney and every single member of his staff are outstanding. I highly recommend this practice. I have been a patient since 2016.

Andrea Moore

I have been a customer going on 3 years now. I have always had the best experiences with any procedure I have had done at Devaney in Oak Ridge. I have anxiety about dental work and I have always been made to feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a dentist or interested in procedures that can be done with sedation dentistry for more comfort. Julie & Shasta are both so helpful when calling or scheduling appointments. Thank you to all the wonderful staff!!


I have some of the worst Dental Anxiety of anyone I know. I was terrified to come here after bad experiences elsewhere in Kernersville. But OH BOY was I wrong, and in good hands. These folks are awesome. It didn't feel like they overbooked and were sprinting between rooms, there was ALWAYS a staff member by my side and asking if I needed anything or explaining what was going on. I cannot recommend a dentist more, for ANY type of work.