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What you should know about cosmetic dentistry

Smile Makeover

Scientifically, teeth are bone-like structures that help animals break down the food that gives them energy. So, in this sense, they are important to ensure that you can replenish the nutrients that go into making you an organism. But everyone knows that teeth are more than that. Aesthetically teeth are often one of the first […]

Is It Really Possible to Get a New Smile in a Day?

Dental smile trearment

The short answer is: yes! And Devaney Dentistry, we specialize in what is called a One Day Smile.  If you have many teeth that bother you aesthetically or are in need of removal for reasons like decay or structural damage, our One Day Smile treatment that includes dental implantation may be just what you are […]

What to expect in a dental emergency room (in 2023)?

dental emergency

It is hard to tell what to do when you have fallen and chipped a tooth or have a bad toothache. You might not be in a lot of pain so you might think it is no big deal. However, it could be a dental emergency which you should take seriously!  Dental emergencies are common […]

What Types Of Sedations are Used By Dentists?

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation in dentistry is an important aspect of the practice that you might not be aware of. Whether you are undergoing a generally painful procedure or you are someone who has a fear of dentistry, sedation is a way for dentist offices to remain able to offer important services and keep you as comfortable as […]

4 Questions to Ask Before Getting Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Getting new teeth can be nerve-wracking. You have known some of these teeth longer than some of your best friends. They are yours. That is why you should take dental implants seriously and why a good dental professional will too.  If you have decided that dental implants are the right choice for you with consultation […]

How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Treatment Last as Long as Possible

Dental Smile

You have a big life event coming up that you want to look your absolute best for. You just got your hair trimmed; you managed to find the perfect outfit; your best friend is making all of the dinner plans. Everything seems to be in place, except for one thing. your teeth.  They have always […]